The Internet went wild back in October 2015 when news broke out that cheese was just as addictive as crack. One week later, TIME crushed everyone's hopes when they clarified that these sensational headlines were just that—sensational. Cheese, apparently, was only one in a long list of food that was hard to cut back on. But despite the weak evidence of Manchego's relation to addiction, the fact remains: it's hard to cut back on cheese.


So, this year, we have a bit of good news for those who just can't get through a meal without asking for extra cheese. A report in the The Sun suggests that cheese could actually help you lose weight. According to the feature, research from Ireland discovered that people who consume more than the average amount of cheese don't necessarily have higher cholesterol than those who don't. Dairy lovers also tend to have a lower body mass index.

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The study was conducted on 1,500 adults who were tasked to keep a food diary to keep track of the amount of dairy they consumed. While there are benefits from all kinds of dairy, a preference for cheese was link among those who had lower blood pressure.

The report, however, doesn't qualify the type of cheese. Do pizza and cheesecakes count? But while it's tempting to stock up on Gouda and Gruyete, like everything good in life, moderation must be considered to reap the benefits.


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