A mom's daily life is hectic and exhausting, and celebrity moms are no different. So we are always curious about the one item they consider their ‘mommy lifesaver.’

Here's what eight celebrity moms during Aprica’s launch of its "Nano Smart" strollers shared:

1. Baby wipes

This was the number one on the list of almost all the moms. For Nikka Garcia and LJ Moreno, who are moms to three kids each, they never leave home without it because it is still essential even for older children. “It’s because you can do so many things with [baby wipes]. My kids like to touch their food when they eat, so I can easily clean their hands,” says Nikka.

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2. Pacifier

Toni Gonzaga says that baby wipes and diapers go hand-in-hand and should never be left at home. "Maiwan ko na ‘yung cellphone ‘wag lang ‘yang dalawa.” But when her son, Seve travels by plane, only one thing will quiet him down (and help keep Toni calm as well): four pacifiers. Why four? “He’s at a stage where after a few sucks, he looks for another one,” she explains.


3. Anti-mosquito patches

Because Isabella, Mariel Rodriguez’s 16-month-old daughter has sensitive skin, Mariel has learned to bring a pack of anti-mosquito patches with her. “We have a lot of these in our house! Mabilis kasi siya [Isabella] kagatin,” Mariel reveals.

4. Rechargeable fan

Because the weather in the Philippines can get scorching hot, especially in the summer, mom and actress Maricar de Mesa notes three essentials for her 8-month-old daughter Skye. “I always put sunblock on her. And I bought her a rechargeable fan — maya’t maya pinagpapawisan siya, so that’s very important along with baby wipes,” she says.

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5. Healthy snacks

Model and TV host Amanda Griffin-Jacob has her hands full with three kids and a baby on the way, so she’s well-versed with the items that will help keep her kids in check. Healthy snacks are a must! “A cranky child is almost unbearable, and usually snacks can fix a multitude of issues, whether it’s boredom or hunger,” she says. Her kids are vegetarian, so most of their snacks are homemade. But quick alternatives when they are on-the-go are pretzels and nuts.

6. Lovey

Apart from healthy snacks, Amanda has also learned never to forget her 3-year-old daughter Lila’s favorite unan. “If we forget that, she can’t sleep! We have to take it everywhere,” she explains.

7. Stroller or baby carrier


Pauleen Luna considers her baby carrier and stroller her lifesaver. “I need it talaga kasi ang bigat ng anak ko,” she shares. “A month ago, she [baby Tali] was already 16 pounds!”

Fellow new mom Rufa Mae Quinto agrees that a stroller is a must. “Para siyang safety net mo,” she says. “Kasi ‘dun mo ilalagay lahat ng gamit mo.”

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This story originally appeared on Smartparenting.com.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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