In today's issue of "gross things we like to talk about," we tackle the stuff you find inside your pusod. You know, that gray residue you dig up when you're cleaning your belly button in the shower.

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In case you were curious, Dr. Sejal Shah, board-certified dermatologist, explained to Allure where it comes from: "Belly button lint is a combination of fibers from clothing, dead skin cells, residue [from] sweat and oil, and other debris." 

Dr. Soren White pointed out that this happens to people born with navels that go inward. Shah also explained that the thicker body hair you have, the more likely you'll find lint in your pusod

It's pretty normal, actually, but if it bothers you, they both advised that regular cleaning is key. Use a cotton swab to purge the buildup when you're in the shower. Alternatively, you can try the same method mommies use on babies: Dip a cotton ball or swab in baby oil and use it to wipe off all the residue.

h/t: Allure

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