Getting fit and staying in shape require more than discipline and hard work. To do so, you have to make a lifestyle change and commit to it! Of course, you'll also need the right gear to help you achieve your fitness goals. Friends Iya Villania-Arellano and singer Hannah Olives know your struggle and have even experienced it themselves, especially after giving birth. (You'll be surprised how quickly they were able to get back in shape!)


Let the duo behind Bella by Vamos become your new fitspirations! Iya and Hannah will not only motivate you to keep up with your fitness plans, they'll also give you a reason to do so while clad in the most stylish sportswear. Below, we talk to these fabulous moms about their new business, effective fitness routines, and how their lives have changed post-pregnancy.

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1. Please tell us about Bella by Vamos. How did you come up with this business venture?

"Our husbands, Drew and Javy, founded the Vamos brand back in 2014. They have grown the brand from just a few socks available in a few stores, to a full product line of over 80 products available in over 100 stores in four countries. All this time though, they never really had women-specific products, apart from a few socks here and there. With their support and belief, they egged us to create the Bella brand under Vamos, and with that, a high-performance women-specific sports line catering to all types of athletes was born."


2. What inspired Bella by Vamos?

"The inspiration for the brand was to create a women-specific sports line which is highly functional, yet looks cool. Our inspiration for our hero product however, the Zip Sports Bra, was born from a pain point (literally) of ours—which was having much difficulty in removing the sports bra after a workout. On occasion, we would even have to ask help from the hubbies. The hubbies would then constantly joke 'gawa na kasi kayo ng braaamos'. For now that problem has been put to bed."

3. Who designs and manufactures them? 

"All designs, prototyping & production are done in-house, with our own team. We take a lot of pride in designing and producing the products ourselves."

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4. Why do you think it's a good fit for Filipinas nowadays? 

"In the recent past, more and more Filipinas are getting into fitness. Maybe it's [because of] social media or a ‘fitspiration’, but what is important is that they are making a conscious effort to be healthier. Bella is great because not only does it cater to all types of women, but it perseveres to keep the fun in fitness."


5. What sets Bella by Vamos from other sportswear businesses?

"The heart and soul of Bella & Vamos is the fact that the founders are athletes by heart. We are very active in a whole lot of sports, and that gives us the opportunity not only to test our products and other products as well, but also to interact with different people. It is in those interactions that we learn, and then create."

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6. Let's talk about you as mommies. How are you able to balance work, self-care, and personal life while taking care of your kids and this business? 

"Work-life balance is really about time management. Oftentimes, we get asked ‘How do you find time?’. The answer to that is, while it is almost impossible to find time, you can always MAKE TIME. It’s really about having fun, being inspired, and [staying] dedicated. What we’ve experienced is that being healthy is not only great for yourself, but it translates into having more energy in general, which is great for the family and keeping up with the kids as well. As for the ‘work’, its more play than work really, as we have so much fun designing products and interacting with our customers."



7. Can you please walk us through your fitness routine post-pregnancy?

"As soon as we felt like our bodies were ready, we slowly eased back into a fitness routine. After a few weeks of leisure walks, short jogs, and bike rides, we were able to build up our routine to pre-pregnancy. We never really follow a strict diet plan, but we consciously eat clean on a daily basis. Luckily, our entire household is onboard with clean eating, so it makes everything much easier. We do enjoy some well deserved treats from time to time though—who doesn’t?"

8. Did you go through a big lifestyle change right after having a baby? How did you cope with this new milestone in life?

"Most definitely! Childbirth and motherhood are probably the most difficult things a woman has to endure. It may be difficult, but with great family and friends, it is also one of the most satisfying jobs in the world." 


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