Valerie "Bangs" Garcia is popular for the sexy roles she has played on film and television (though she has several acting nominations and two awards from Gawad Pasado, or the Film Association of Professors, to her name), but the actress, who gave birth to her first child two months ago, seems to have found a good fit being "Mom."


She captioned a recent Instagram upload with: "#Motherhood is a calling. It’s not a hobby, it’s not something to do when you can just squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for."


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She and her Fil-British husband Lloydi Birchmore obviously adore their little girl, little Amelia, who just turned two months on February 6. And who wouldn't? Take a look at these photos and you'll be hooked, too:

Incidentally, the Birchmores celebrated their first "official" wedding anniversary on January 24, which is the date of their third wedding ceremony, held in the island of Boracay in Aklan (they got married in civil rites in London in 2016, then had a Catholic ceremony in Boracay a day before their "official" wedding date). 



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In her latest Instagram post, Bangs, who gave birth at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in England, shared with her followers how her birthing experience went. 

"I can’t believe I finally had the first ever surgery of my life!!! I really am the type of person who is against surgeries that’s why I tried my best to have a normal delivery but I didn’t have any choice....

"I was a little upset in the beginning, I was only 8cm dilated and we waited for 6 more hours for me to become fully dilated but it just never happened that’s why I was in labor for almost 2 days!ÃÅËâ I also had a little infection after surgery so we had to stay in the hospital for 4 more days. Phew! Oh well, it was definitely ALL worth it though!" she captioned a photo that chronicles how her body has changed throughout the pregnancy.


"Thanks to those tight high waisted panties that I’ve been wearing to help me support my tummy whilst my uterus is still getting back to its original size. I couldn’t believe how much a woman’s tummy could stretch soooo much to fit in a baby," she added.

Bangs also said that breastfeeding has helped her lose some of her pregnancy weight. Her next goal? "When I’m finally allowed to work out, my goal is to get my body in a much better shape than before I got pregnant."

We have no doubt you can do it, fit momma!

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