Life isn’t a cakewalk. You know that, and your BFF knows that, but sometimes she may need a reminder or two that no matter how frustrating things are, a dose of humor can always help. Here are a few things you can say to your friend when she asks you in an exasperated voice that existentialist question, “Bakit ganito ang life?”

1. “I’ve been asking myself the same thing.”
That’s probably why you’re friends.


2. “Kasi madalas, hindi si Batman ang bahala: Ikaw.
We’ve already placed too much responsibility on the Dark Knight, after all.

3. “It’s okay, maganda naman tayo.
There’s really no connection, but silver lining, guys!

4. “Kasi sabi ni life, ‘Let go na!’”
She may be having a bit of trouble understanding what moving on is all about.


5. “Dahil ang life, parang ang commute ko pauwi: Mahirap.
*Cue long, sad sigh*

6. “Kasi makulit ka.
She might not have learned her lesson yet.


7. “Um, puwede bang ‘call a friend?’”
Just in case you need back up.

8. “Because life is all about successfully rising from failures so that we may attain world peace.”

*Cue Miss Universe wave*

9. “Hindi ko alam. Kumain na lang tayo.
It’s the BFF solution to everything.

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