After a long and tiring day, we know all you want to do is take a warm bath and get at least eight hours of sleep. But most of the time, that's just not the case. The reality is, coming home can turn out to be an even more stressful experience—especially when you’re faced with tons of chores to do or when your house is in complete disarray. Sound familiar? It’s time to take action! Here, simple ways to make your house a little more relaxing.

Create a cozy outdoor space
Create a nook in your backyard or balcony. Having a personal space where you can get fresh air and some peace and quiet can be relaxing. Having an outdoor escape also gives you the perfect place to enjoy the little things around you. Seriously, when was the last time you heard a bird chirp or watch the sun set?

Match the color of your dishware with your kitchen wall
Re-designing your kitchen? Here’s a suggestion: Pick plates and dinnerware that match the color of your kitchen walls. This move streamlines the space and makes the kitchen look less cluttered. If you are not 100% sure about doing a kitchen makeover, start small by sorting your plates by color and design.

Put up a gallery wall
A snapshot from a memorable camping trip, of your besties, or of your beloved pet—no matter what photos you pick, setting up a visual wall of your most cherished moments can be calming. Place all photos in decorative and visually interesting frames will also add a great design element to your room. Get more ideas here.

Spruce up your space with fresh flowers
Harness the visual and aromatic soothing effects of flowers by putting colorful and bright arrangements in your living room, powder room, and bedroom.

Use soothing hues
Have you noticed how some clinic walls tend to be green or blue? That's because cool shades of blue, green, and earth tones are said to be relaxing since they remind you of nature. These hues work best for the bedroom and living room.

Photos: Flickr via Creative Commons

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