Rejection and exhaustion—these are just two of the top reasons why most people fall into a bad mood. And while getting bummed is completely normal, it can get out of hand when you let it consume you until you snap! Before it sets in deep, sidestep the possible (negative) effects of your foul mood with these simple tips.

Take a walk
Going outside gives you time to simmer down (say, if you’re very angry) and helps you to recollect your composure. Taking a nature walk alone also allows you to calm and relax your mind before you blow.

Listen to music
Studies show that music can relieve stress and anxiety. If your bad mood stems from being extremely stressed (whether that’s because of work or something personal), plugging in those earphones and listening to some quiet and classical music will help, big time. If slow music isn’t your jam, you can always listen to your go-to feel-good songs. Some of our faves? Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”. Click here for more songs to add to your mood-boosting playlist. Before you know it, you’ll be singing your bad mood away.

Stop and think
Before ranting and getting pissed at everyone when you’re in a foul mood, try to stop and figure out what you need to do. “Try getting quiet and asking the cranky part of your self what it’s upset about,” says, Ashley Eder, a counselor & psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado. “Sometimes just honoring the impulse to have some alone-time, get more sleep, ask for help with something, or take space in a relationship is what you need to feel more at peace,” she adds.

Unleash your creative side
Instead of blowing your top, find a way to channel that energy into something productive or creative. Getting creative can shift your focus from your frustration to something that you can actually enjoy.

Flash your pearly whites
Smiling when you’re in a bad mood is hard, but smiling (even if you have to fake it) can help you deal with stress and can give your mood an instant lift. So no matter how bad your day is going, break into a smile and invite those happy vibes.


Photo: Pixabay

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