Don't let ads brainwash you into wanting whiter skin. Morena girls actually rock, and we list down the five best things about being a dusky beauty.

1. Morenas always look sun-kissed. Your skin looks like you've that California tan that Caucasians spend thousands on.

1(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

2. You can get away with bold colors. As we said in our previous article, you can get away with adventurous shades because--news flash--they actually look good on you!

(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

3. Your bone structure looks more defined. People can spot your killer cheekbones a mile away, and you look slimmer and more toned! According to guys, being morena is the true test of beauty. Are you familiar with the term maputi lang?

1(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

4. You essentially look younger. Since your skin has more melanin (the natural substance that supplies pigment on our skin) than your fair-skinned counterparts, you're more resistant to aging due to sun damage. Melanin fights free radicals that cause us to look old and tired. Case in point? Lupita Nyong'o! She's already 31, but she could still pass as someone who's just in her early 20s.

1(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

5. With melanin working as your invisible barrier against the sun, this advantage is the mightiest of all: you have lower risks for skin cancer.

1(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

So hold your head up high because you're beautiful just the way you are!

(Flashbox screencap from "Love on Top" music video, courtesy of YouTube Vevo)

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