It can happen at work or in relationshipseither way, rejection can be painful. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, focus on the bright side. Here are five reasons being rejected can help you grow into a better person in the long run.

You get to be your true self.

If people don’t get you, it’s okay–you don’t have to change yourself to conform to what’s mainstream in society. If that hot guy you’ve been crushing on rejects you because you’re not the "wild" type or because you're a little bit weird, then you’ve just saved yourself from a potentially agonizing relationship.

You save time on things that really matter.
Don’t waste your time and effort on things and people who don’t see your value. It's better to invest your skills in the right company or your emotions with the right person.

It makes your more determined to succeed.

You can turn a bad experience into a driving force to do something more productive.
A recent study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that those who were faced with strong feelings of romantic rejection showed an increase in activity. The next time someone turns you down, harness your bad vibes to do something positive.

You’re open to bigger and better opportunities.
Maybe the reason you didn’t get that job was because there’s something out there that’s bigger, better, and more suited to you. Remember, when one door closes, another one opens.

It makes you stronger.

Whether that’s at work or with your love life, the first rejection will always hurt–big time. But as you go through life and the rejections that come with it, you learn how to handle each one of them with grace and poise.


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