Women who are shy, insecure, or unsure of themselves can attribute their lack of confidence to a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s about a lack of knowledge or a lack of exposure. "At other times, it’s just dissatisfaction with the way they look," so says Pauli Antoine Porquez Genuino, President and Founder of Etiquette de Manille and Red Archon. Whichever of the these reasons you think you have, it doesn’t change the fact that your low self-esteem is holding you back. Work on building yourself up right now starting with these tips:

1. Commit to the circle of success.

It’s all about looking good and feeling good and vice-versa. Pauli calls it the circle of success. “When you are well-groomed, when you are well-prepared inside and out, all the more you feel good about yourself,” she explains. “When you feel great, all the more you do great things wherever you are, whatever industry you’re in.”

2. Practice proper posture.

You’d be surprised at how a small change in posture can alter the way you feel and the way people feel about you. For Pauli, it’s all about sticking your chest and your collarbones out and elongating your neck. Not only does it make you feel like you’re someone important, it also addresses some of the physical issues you have with your body. “It already diminishes the tummy somehow,” she advises. “Of course, when you slouch, all the more there are bulges, but when you stand well… then somehow you look slimmer.”

3. Know the rules of etiquette.

Sometimes, confidence can stem from not knowing how to act or when to act. A quick study of proper etiquette may remedy that. Knowing which spoon or fork to use, for example, instantly frees you of your insecurities, allowing you to focus more on creating conversations with the people around you.

4. Be true to yourself.

At the same time, you need to love and accept who you are. “If I see a woman who has curly hair and she just puts mousse and she styles it well, I would say she’s very confident with herself compared to a woman who tries to straighten and straighten her hair,” says Pauli.

5. Pursue a hobby.

Another way to gain more confidence is to explore an area that you have a keen interest in. This helps you get a better sense and appreciation for your skills. “I recommend that they should do what they love to do,” says Pauli. “Excel anywhere in any industry and be in organizations or charity groups, that’s what I think would be best, and share their skills and talents.”

(Photo by Mike Dee)

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