When you talk about kick-ass women, there are several actresses that immediately come to mind. Personally, I always think of Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, and Chloe Moretz. Perhaps it has something to do with the roles that they usually take on.

Case in point: Angelina was Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, an assassin in Wanted, and soon to be in theaters, an honest-to-goodness Disney villain. Lucy played a Charlie’s Angel in three movies, an acerbic legal counsel in Ally McBeal, and now currently fits into the role of Joan Watson in Elementary. Chloe played a young vigilante in Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, a werewolf in Dark Shadows, and Carrie in the eponymous film (you can Google those films for future reference later).

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However, while their characters are primarily kick-ass, I believe that the fact that they had chosen to play those characters in the first place really says something about the kind of women they are. More than the fight scenes, the cutting wit, and the all-around cool factor, here are 15 qualities that make a kick-ass woman!

1. Self-Assured
Insecurities can be hard to stomp out, but a kick-ass woman is not likely to be bothered by fears of inadequacy. If she finds herself on shaky ground, she’ll simply address the root cause and get on with her life.

2. Independent
A kick-ass woman is self-made. She doesn’t rely on others to help her attain her goals.

3. A team player
However, she can also work well within a group, especially if the end goal is something she believes in.

4. Original
She thinks outside the box and always comes up with new and innovative ideas at work.

5. Resourceful
A kick-ass woman uses everything she can to her advantage.

6. Powerful
She doesn't ask for attention--she commands it.

7. Fierce
Unlike other people, she is less about the bark and more about the bite.


8. Frank
She is not the type to lie nor mince her words. If she has something important to tell you, she'll give it to you straight.

9. Composed
She knows how to keep her cool. Just because you don’t see smoke coming out of her ears doesn’t mean she isn’t seething with anger.

10. Assertive
She doesn’t wait for things to happen, not when she can make them happen for her.

11. Experimental
Her choices aren’t always the norm, and she’s more than willing to try something new at least once.

12. Brave
She’s not afraid to voice out her thoughts and be the first to break walls and barriers.

13. Persistent
She’s not one to give up easily. Even if she has been turned down in the past, she’ll continue to march on forward.

14. Knows self-defense
She can protect herself physically, mentally, and even emotionally from her enemies.


15. Smart
A kick-ass woman is a critical thinker--whether she uses it in friendly banter or million-peso negotiations is up to her.

(Screencap from Wanted courtesy of Universal Pictures)

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