As you grow older, the likelihood of getting back pain increases. According to Dr. Lolit Suplido-Westergaard of Good Housekeeping, this can be caused by overworked muscles coping with abnormal posture. “As one grows older, arthritis also sets in, and that can affect the spine too,” she explains. This is especially common in people who have scoliosis, which Dr. Lolit clarifies isn’t a disease but a “descriptive term for a lateral curvature of the spine.”

If you’re worried about getting back pain—especially if you work in an office that has you hunched in front of the computer all day—scroll through the gallery below to see 10 tips that will help prevent you from getting it from Dr. Lolit.

Dr. Maria Lurenda Suplido Westergaard finished her medical studies at the University of the Philippines in 1995 then went on to study Occupational Medicine at the National University of Singapore.

(First published as “Health Check” in Good Housekeeping, Good Health section in April 2007; adapted for use in Female Network)

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