Hi, FNites! Where were you during the '90s? Were you in your school library reading Sweet Valley Twins or were you catching up on another episode of Friends? Maybe you were feeding your virtual pet or dancing along to your favorite all-girl band. In the spirit of '90s Week, we're rounding up some of the things we love about the decade. Check out our list below, and see if you can add more to it!

1. Kate Moss

Don’t get us wrong. We love Kate Moss more than ever (especially since she’s been recently photographed with a curvier bod), but the ‘90s were undoubtedly her golden years. Breaking the industry standard of Naomi Campbells and Cindy Crawfords, the petite and waifish Kate was exactly the sort of cool ingénue the fashion world needed.

(Photo from Zoielove via fashion.net on Pinterest)

2. Saturday morning cartoons

Back in the day, morning cereal was best paired, not with milk, but with Saturday morning cartoons. The Care Bears, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and Scooby-Doo were just some of our incentives for waking up early on a weekend.

(Screencap from She-Ra: Princess of Power courtesy of Group W Productions)

3. Friends

“Ugly Naked Guy,” “How you doin’,” and “Smelly Cat” are some phrases that would only make sense to Friends fans. The hit TV series, which began in 1994, may have ended its run with season 10 in 2004, but fans all over the world are still hoping for a Friends reunion.

(Screencap from Friends courtesy of Warner Bros. Television)

4. “The Rachel”

Alongside our Friends obsession was an equal (and maybe unhealthy) desire to have Rachel Green’s hair. Dubbed as “The Rachel,” the layered bob became hugely popular in the ‘90s, although Jennifer Anniston hated it with a vengeance. These days, the actress prefers to keep her tresses long and straight, but we will always think fondly of the iconic haircut.

(Screencap from Friends courtesy of Warner Bros. Television)

5. Goosebumps, Christopher Pike, Sweet Valley, and The Baby-Sitter’s Club

You may not have been a book lover growing up, but there was no way you could have missed at least one of these titles. Admit it, you would read a choose-you-own-adventure Goosebumps book, and then secretly try to backtrack when you realize that your choices have led you to a gruesome end? And yeah, we always wanted to be part of The Unicorn Club in Sweet Valley High.

(Photo by Sophie via Flickr Creative Commons)

6. The exchange rate

During the ‘90s, the peso-dollar exchange rate was not as high as it is today. Your P20 then could have bought you enough Pete’s Butter Balls, Mighty Mouse packs, and Orange Swits to last you an entire day.

(Photo by 401calculator.org via Flickr Creative Commons)

7. Tamagotchi

When these virtual pets first hit the shelves, it was like being introduced to toys for the first time. Everyone in school simply had to have one. You started off with a lump that needed to be fed, played with, and potty-trained. Under your care, it would then either go on to live a decent life or perish early due to neglect (this was perhaps not a bad way to gauge whether a child was ready for a real pet). Today, the Bandai original has an Android app version that you can download to your phone.

(Photo by Stefan Kellner via Flickr Creative Commons)

8. The Spice Girls

“Wannabe” was the ultimate girl anthem back in the mid-‘90s, and the Spice Girls were uncontestably the best girl group. To date, a similar singing group has yet to topple Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Posh Spice, Baby Spice, and Ginger Spice off their thrones.

(Photo from Ally Schipma on Pinterest)

9. Family sitcoms

The ‘90s spawned a lot of hilarious family sitcoms like Boy Meets World and Home Improvement. But now, all we have are The Kardashians. Have Kim and Kanye split up yet?

(Screencap from Home Improvement courtesy of ABC)

10. The Backstreet Boys

As much as we love all the boys that came into our lives, we have to say that there’s only one group we’d love to see reunited: (that means you, too, Kevin!) the Backstreet Boys. They knew exactly how to make us fall for them (“As Long As You Love Me”) but they also knew how to give back to their fans (“Larger Than Life”).

(Photo by Amelie Savoie on Pinterest)

(Clockwise: Screencap from She-Ra: Princess of Power courtesy of Group W Productions; screencap from Friends courtesy of Warner Bros. Television; cover of Sweet Valley Twins: The Year Without Christmas courtesy of Random House; Screencap from Spice World courtesy of Columbia Pictures photo by Stefan Kellner via Flickr Creative Commons)

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