There are many women (and more and more nowadays) who choose to be childless, which is perfectly fine. And while there are different reasons for making that decision, none of which is really anyone else's business. However, the sad reality is that society’s norm is for women to bear children, and those who decide to deviate from that get stigmatized.

In a Huffington Post article, Stefanie Iris Weiss tells it as it is:

“It should be acknowledged that there are plenty of people who desperately want kids but can’t have them easily — infertile couples, gay couples, singles who don’t want to do it alone, etc. This isn’t to diminish their very real emotions about having children. At the same time, we shouldn’t be afraid to look at how unhealthy our obsession with children has become. Children are, of course, precious; however, in our society, they are deeply fetishized. Isn’t it possible that the massive sadness and mourning that infertile women experience is built, in part, on society’s view of them as “barren” women? Why do they think their lives will be empty without kids? It’s not all nature, that’s for sure.”

It’s really a wonder when our society will finally come to accept that there are women who just don't want to embark on the journey of motherhood. But for now, these are a few statements that they’ll have to endure:

Awkward Comment # 1: “What are you waiting for?”
Answer: “Nothing, really. And I sure hope you’re not waiting for me to suddenly get pregnant.”


Awkward Comment # 2: “Baka hindi ka na magka-anak.
Answer: “It really shouldn’t be your problem whether or not magka-anak ako.


Awkward Comment # 3: “Baka iwan ka ng boyfriend/asawa mo!
Answer: “He loves me with or without a child – and teka lang, bakit ka third wheel sa relationship ko?”

Awkward Comment # 4: “Huwag kang matakot magka-anak. Baka kailangan mo lang mag-reflect.”
Answer: “Tito Boy, is that you?”


Awkward Comment # 5: “Mabubulok ‘yang uterus mo.”
Answer: Kailan ka pa naging-OB?”

Awkward Comment # 6: “Being a mother will give meaning to your life.”
Answer: “If I need a child to have a purpose for living, then I don’t think I’ll be a good mother in the first place.”


Awkward Comment # 7: “You’re selfish.”
Answer: “Since when did deciding how to live my own life become selfish?”

Awkward Comment # 8: “Magsisisi ka in the next few years.”
Answer: “Psychic ka pala.


Awkward Comment # 9: “’Yung ibang mga babae, gustong magka-anak pero hindi kaya. Ikaw puwede pero ayaw mo?
Answer: “Yup!"

Awkward Comment #10: “What good is your uterus for then?”
Answer: “Please mind your own uterus. Thank you.”

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