It was a challenge presented in the book The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard that inspired media planner Clarissa de la Paz to impart a personal story that other people would be able to learn from.

When she met entrepreneur, broker, and realtor Sharon Que in a 90-day goal-setting seminar, the two decided to come up with a book together, as they both have the same dream.

The two succeeded in finishing the book within three months, and launching it two months after. “I don’t know how to write... at all,” Clarissa admits. “We didn't know anything about publishing a book, either. But we really want to teach Filipinos about money. And the strength of that desire overcame all the obstacles.”

Despite their self-doubts and worrying how others would receive the book, they focused on the importance of their book’s message. “My personal mission is to inspire and empower people to live a life full of love, joy, purpose, integrity, gratitude and infinite possibilities,” says Sharon. “I'd like our readers to journey with us as we continuously strive to reach more gigantic goals.”

“I feel we're all destined to accomplish something bigger than ourselves. By writing this book, there are three things I want to teach women,” Sharon says. Want to take charge of your finances? Take a look at her tips below:

1. Personal finance empowerment. Take control of your money. Make it work for you.

2. Chase your dreams. Dreams can't wait.

3. Find your purpose. Being busy should never stop us to find avenues to touch other people's lives.

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Que and Clarissa de la Paz)

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