Love taking pictures? You’re not the only one. These days, even the dead have been known to show up on selfies and group shots. Don’t believe in ghosts? These unexplainable photos are bound to make you think twice.

1. A Little Girl Gets Photobombed by a Ghostly Samurai
While on a holiday at a beach in Japan, one dad unexpectedly captures what seems to be half a man behind his young daughter. The dad’s friend who uploaded the photo said that they were the only ones who were in the immediate vicinity.

"Nobody was around when the photo was taken and certainly nobody was behind her. He took about five photos of her at this spot over a period of about two minutes. I've known this guy for years and trust him. It has definitely not been Photoshopped, but I'm also not saying this is anything." Could the fact that they were near a Samurai burial ground, however, mean something?

2. A Couple’s Big Day Gets Interrupted
Wedding crashers are a dime a dozen, but this one is of a completely different sort. Look closely at the space between the bride and the groom. According to the latter, he doesn’t recognize the face behind him, and quite frankly, seeing that menacing expression, we’re not sure he’d want to.

3. A Claw in the Shower
Reddit user RickieOnRadio's aunt had just taken a picture of her baby after his bath when she saw this menacing hand lurking in the background. As with most unexplainable cases, there was no one else in the bathroom and no mirror.

PHOTOS: Reddit

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