gma_drunk_driving.jpgRep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the 2nd District of Pampanga filed a bill to criminalize drunk driving at Congress, reports. House Bill 382, co-authored by her son Rep. Diosdado Arroyo of the 2nd District of Camarines Sur, gives a P5,000 fine and a 2-month suspension of the driver's license for first time offenders. After a third offense, succeeding ones issue a P7,000 fine on the driver and automatic revocation of his driver's license. According to the bill, a driver can be charged with this offense if, “when operating a motor vehicle, [the] driver's mental and motor skills are impaired or when the driver's blood alcohol concentration level measures 0.06 or higher.”

The former president cites that “alcohol-related accidents nationwide resulting to death, physical injuries and damage to properties” rose to 6.9 percent in 2009. “While other countries have institutionalized their policy regarding driving under the influence of alcohol, the Philippines has seemingly remained reserved and lenient in punishing drunk drivers. Road accidents are often treated as a result of reckless imprudence and not viewed as irresponsible and deliberate acts, giving emphasis to drunk driving,” she is quoted as saying.

Female Network wants to know what you think. Should drunk driving be criminalized?

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