If watching K-dramas is something you do on the daily (because we all know how addictive this habit can get!), then you’re bound to pick up some basic Korean words and phrases. The likes of gamsahamnida (thank you), ppali (hurry), gwen chan ah (I’m okay), and many other common expressions eventually become no-brainers that you can easily decode even without the help of subtitles. But for a certified fangirl, of course, self-learning just won’t cut it—you naturally feel the need to quench your thirst for next-level knowledge.


Enter Jenny Lee of the viral Facebook page Chuutalk Korean Class. Fondly referred to as “Teacher Jenny” by her students/avid viewers, she’s based in South Korea and is obviously well-versed in both Korean and English languages. She holds a free online class every Sunday at 9PM Manila time via FB Live. I came across one of her tutorial videos a few weeks back, and being a self-confessed K-drama fanatic, I was naturally engrossed in the idea of attending a class on how to speak Korean. Not to mention, it’s online and for free—sounds like a dream, right? Since then, I’ve found another reason to look forward to Sundays!

Want to attend her class, too? Here’s what to expect:

1. Teacher Jenny does Facebook Live videos every Sunday at 9PM Manila time (10PM KST). 

Don’t panic if you miss one class though because you can always watch it on her FB page later. However, attending her class real-time offers a much better experience as you can write down comments if you have any questions or clarifications.

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2. Her tutorial approach is very beginner-friendly. 

Each video normally tackles at least five words that even a K-drama newbie could easily relate to. The pace is very comfortable to give her viewers a reasonable time to absorb each term, including its formal and informal usage, proper pronunciation, and how it’s normally used in a sentence.


3. After each class, she posts a quick recap on her Instagram account. 

It contains the key phases that have been discussed, including how it’s written in Hangul (Korean alphabet). So make sure to follower her (@jennythelive) on Instagram as well!

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4. You can also find helpful infographics on her FB page. 

Feel free to save these for future references!


Overall, Teacher Jenny’s class is a fun way to learn how to speak Korean. And apart from the fact that it’s for free, you can do this at your own time and in the comfort of your own home! It’s totally a great idea if you’re serious about wanting to learn. Although of course, online lessons can only go so far—so if you want to further your knowledge in writing and speaking a foreign language, we still encourage you to enroll yourself in a formal class with a more thorough curriculum. Soon enough, you'll be able to watch your fave K-dramas even without the subtitles to help you. Aja, aja, fighting!


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This story originally appeared on Preview.ph.

*Minor edits have been made by FemaleNetwork.com

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