Being a single mom is not an easy task—you have to work and take care of your children at the same time. And sometimes, this leads to not having enough time (or energy) to spend more bonding moments with their kids. Enter Kaori, a blogger and single mom from Japan, who decided to be intentional in making a connection with her daughter. And she does this in the most adorable and creative way—by making character bento boxes! Scroll down to see the heartwarming tale of this mom lovingly (and playfully) communicating with her cheeky (and sometimes rebellious) teen-aged daughter.

Nov. 5, 2012: A special birthday message with a cute bear holding a cake
Kaori: “Happy 16th birthday! To me you’ll always be six years old.”

July 1, 2014: Mona Lisa’s smile apparently means…
Kaori: “Do some studying.”


Nov. 17, 2014
Kaori: “Because she always leaves empty water bottles around, I made her a ‘trash in trash receptacle’ bento.” The egg says “Throw it out.”

Oct. 21, 2014
Kaori: “Midterms start! I wanted to give her energy with this, but it was a cooking lesson in Home Ec class and she didn’t need lunch. I woke up early for this! T_T”

Nov. 22, 2012: An angry mom in an apron packs heart-shaped eggs but scolds, “Leave your bento box out!”
Kaori: “Woke up late and was in a rush, but couldn’t find her lunch box to wash. This irritates me the most! Her friends get a kick out of these types, so I’m excited for lunchtime ;)”


Nov. 14, 2012
Kaori: “Why M&Ms? Because I like them and they were right in front of me. It’s hard coming up with characters everyday!”


Images: Bento Blog ; Grape

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