The whole world is disheartened when a destructive earthquake hit Nepal, but amidst the grief and sorrow surrounding the disaster, a miracle happened. Sonies Aawal, a five-month old baby was pulled out from the rubble of his home in Muldhoka, Bhaktapur, alive and well. The baby’s mother, Rasmila told the Mirror UK, "I am just so happy. I cannot believe it. I had gone shopping and left my 10 year old daughter Sonia with the baby. When the quake happened I burst into tears and ran home. I thought they were both dead." The whole Aawal family is alive and safe, and they're temporarily staying at a friend's house.

This dog who had been missing for four years was finally reunited with its owner!
In 2012, Karisa Lambert's beloved Yorkshire terrier, Sam got lost, and all those years, she thought Sam was gone forever. Last April 29, the 14-year-old finally reunited with her 10-year old pooch, and she couldn’t be happier. Her father, Thomas shared, "When he saw her, I swear he recognized her and went straight for her. When I talked to him, he started licking me in the face." Aww!

These three feminist Instagram users want to give Period Packages to homeless women!
All women know how it feels when they’re on their period–cramps, cravings, and the weight of the world. And while some dread having to go through pain and PMS, some women struggle with having a napkin to begin with. Colvin Kuhn, who runs the Instagram account (@ms.notyourwifey), Mclaren Behrendt (@generationofwomen), and Sidney Hood (@foreverforthegirls) are launching Period Packages, a project that will provide homeless women with sanitary products, "We are designing packs with tampons, pads, panty liners, sanitary wipes, and a little extra TLC (candies, mouthwash, lotion) basically anything we can find/afford that we think could be useful.” Would you support this kind of cause, FNites?


PHOTO: Facebook

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