A Culinary Celebration
Satisfy your cravings as Urban Flavors brings together the best of Estancia’s food finds. Enjoy a variety of choices: There’s Artisan Emporium, which is the home of handmade breads, pastries, and desserts and
Florabel by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco, which gives culinary bliss with its selection of carefully-crafted Filipino and continental dishes. Meanwhile, PBCo. offers an array of “everyday happy food” such as comfort food favorites and sweet treats. Also, new to the neighborhood with their locally sourced ingredients, The Wholesome Table has their organic eats and healthy juices that are ideal for those who want to eat and live healthy.

Spice & Cleaver by Chefs Quito Jose and Jose Miguel Gianan boasts of mouthwatering sausages and hand-picked meats. Also, enjoy making your own bibimbap with Chef Him Uy De Baron’s new venture I Am Kim. Lastly, there’s the third wave coffee shop UCC Clockwork with a delectable menu, which includes cakes and coffee made from an assortment of locally and internationally-sourced beans blended through its in-house machine.

Visit Estancia at Capitol Commons and try out what all these restaurants have to offer.

Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour opens in the Philippines


Art lovers, rejoice!

The Coca-Cola Company began a year-long campaign in January that includes new advertising, a music anthem and, most notably, a series of art exhibits featuring works from some of the world’s leading contemporary artists.

Today, the exhibit finally reaches the Philippines. The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: Inspiring Pop Culture for 100 Years, will take consumers on a unique, multi-sensory journey featuring an array of Coca-Cola bottle themed art, historical artifacts and interactive experiences which showcase the Coca-Cola bottle’s role in art and popular culture. The exhibition, which would travel about 62,000 miles in 15 different countries will rest in the Philippines for three days, beginning October 2 to October 4 at the Amphitheater, High Street South, Bonifacio Global City.

Don’t miss out on this exciting art tour which features works from several artists such as Peter Blake, creator of the iconic Sgt. Peppers album cover and the ‘Coke Side of Life’ mural at Southbank, London; Andy Warhol, known for his Campbell’s Soup Cans; and Haddon Sundblom, the man behind popular depictions of the merry man from the North Pole, Santa Claus.

Be Healthy Always: The Medical City Kicks-Off a Nationwide Movement


The Medical City (TMC) launches the Be Health Always movement that advocates the power of prevention and encourages Filipinos to take charge of their health and wellbeing by ensuring regular check-ups. At the campaign kick-off, TMC’s experts stressed that the ideal prevention approach not only includes healthy lifestyle choices, but also promotes the early and proactive detection, diagnosis and appropriate management of conditions and illnesses, throughout one’s entire lifecycle.


In line with this, there will be free check-ups in TriNoma Mall from October 10 to 11. The event will provide the public with the opportunity to avail of free medical consultations in the following areas: cardiology, ophthalmology, women’s health and pediatric health. Primary care physicians will likewise be available to recommend the appropriate screening tests. The event will also feature health talks with TMC experts geared at educating attendees on common myths surrounding certain diseases, other facets of health, as well as promoting a well-rounded lifestyle through various activities with the event’s health partners.

PHOTO: Instagram @estanciaph, @cocacolaph; Facebook.com The Medical City

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