Sure, you know how to take photos with your iPhone. But chances are you've overlooked some of its great features that can help you capture more fun and creative snaps.

So, tech giant Apple released a series of "How to Shoot" videos on their website to help you take full advantage of the camera's snapping capabilities. They provide the basics on taking backlit subjects, sunset silhouettes, and even low-light shots without the flash turned on.

Here, then, are step-by-step instructions that you should keep in mind so you can shoot incredible photos every time you press the shutter button.

How to shoot a backlit subject

Turn on HDR for better highlights and shadows > Touch the screen and hold to focus > Slide to lower exposure and shoot

How to shoot a sunset silhouette

Place subject in front of sun > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen > Slide to lower exposure and shoot

How to shoot with street light

Turn off the flash > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen > Tap the display and slide to find the right exposure and shoot

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How to shoot without flash

Find a light source > Turn off the flash > Tap the subject to set exposure and shoot

How to shoot vertical Panorama

Begin with camera on landscape > Switch to panorama mode > Tap the shutter button to start > Start from the bottom and pan slow and steady

How to shoot photos while filming

Switch to video mode > Start filming > Tap the white shutter button to capture a photo while recording

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