1When you travel, you get to explore various cultures, try out different types of cuisine, and meet new people. But if you’re a Filipino traveler, there are some additional quirks that make traveling more fun. Scroll down our list, and see if you can relate any of these funny yet true situations.

A whole barangay sees you off
Aside from your immediate family, the farewell committee also includes your titos, titas, in-laws, and five of your third-degree cousins.

You have a long list of pasalubong for your pamangkins.
Weeks before your flight, you already have a list of shoe sizes from your nephews and nieces, plus an even longer list of things to buy at Duty-Free. "Hija, don't forget the chocolates, ha," your mother reminds.

Living with your relatives abroad is not a big deal.
Filipinos are known to have very close-knit ties with their families as well as with their distant relatives. Your mom's third cousin who lives in London is still considered your tita—she would welcome you with open arms when you ask her if you could stay at her place for a couple of days.

You cook adobo for your host and their other guests.
Not because it’s expected or required of you, but you actually want them to taste one of the dishes the Philippines is known for.

Seeing fellow Filipinos is a huge relief.
…especially if you seem to be getting lost. Simply speak in Filipino out loud, and wait for a fellow Pinoy to hear you—he'll gladly give you directions, or tell you where to get the best pasalubong. Since there are a lot of Filipinos located in different countries around the world (hello, OFWs, we salute you!) you’ll most likely meet one or two during your vacay.

Some foreigners expect you to like exotic food.
With balut, chicken feet, and adidas often seen being sold in the streets of Manila, most people expect that you’d be brave enough to eat exotic food.


Hearing “Mabuhay!” as a form of greeting from foreigners
"Oh! You’re a Filipino? MABUHAY!"

You take a lot of photos.
Whether you take it with a famous celebrity, or in front of a beautiful landscape–you’ve mastered the selfie game and always have your selfie stick ready. Always.

When you arrive, the whole barangay is waiting for you at the airport.
The ones who sent you off are also the ones present at your welcoming party.

PHOTO: Instagram @Neel Dalumbar; GIFS: Giphy

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