Being a grown-up is not only about putting on lipstick or wearing high heels. It’s about your attitude towards life and how you fulfill what’s expected of you as a functioning member of society. That’s not to say that you’re all work and no play; being an adult means actually knowing when to work and to play.

So are you really all grown up and–gasp–responsible? Check out our list and see if these signs apply to you.


1. You have a stable job.
Whether you work in an office, rock the field, or do your business from home, being an adult is earning your keep. Having a regular income doesn’t only mean that you’re financially independent, but also that you’re already responsible for yourself.

2. You plan your finances.
When you were younger, you were probably ubos-biyaya–you live from day to day knowing that you can always ask your folks for extra baon. Now that you’re grown up, you don’t expect them to supplement your deficits anymore. You plan your expenses to make sure you have enough for today and the days to come.

3. You watch the news and track current events.
You now value the importance of current events, since you know that you’re directly affected by jeepney fare increases, tax collections, and election campaigns.

4. You pay your bills on time.
Whether they’re for your home utilities or your credit cards, you mark your calendar with bill due dates to keep track of them. After all, who wants to get their phone lines cut or pay additional late charges?

5. You sleep early so that you won’t be late for work.
Once upon a time, you partied all night without caring about what happens tomorrow. Now you know that though you can still party, you need to get back home and get enough z’s for you to wake up early the following day. With traffic jams being a staple breakfast for a lot of people, it’s a must to be on your way to work an hour or so before rush hour.

6. You’re always looking to improve yourself.
In spite of your busy schedule, you always have enough time to turn yourself into a better person. Whether it’s spending evenings in the gym or signing up for calligraphy workshops, you know that life isn’t just about working your butt off–it’s about learning and enjoying the here and now.

7. You’re into building and maintaining long-lasting relationships.
Relationships become more valuable as you grow older. You develop a better appreciation of what you have with the people you care about, and you do your best to preserve it.

8. You have people to take care of.
It’s not just about you anymore. It’s about your parents, you partner, your child. Being a responsible adult means that you’ve now widened your circle, and that others come before yourself. And it’s not just about acting on your emotions–it’s about providing food and shelter for those you care about while nurturing your loving relationship with them.

9. You’re looking forward to what’s next.
There is always so much to do, but even if the present seems like a mess sometimes, you always know that the future has a lot of good things in store for you. Being in the now doesn’t hold you back from being positive about tomorrow, and you firmly believe that the best has yet to come.

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