Once you reach your 30s, your ears will start hurting at loud music, you'll refer to younger people as kids, and teen slang will make you roll your eyes. On a more serious note, however, you'll also be stronger and wiser, less likely to make mistakes and more confident to go after what you want. While you wait, here are eight things you can learn from women in their 30s, who have been there and done that.

Do your best not to judge other women.
There’s always a story behind every smile, laughter, or tear. Before you make a remark about someone else’s life, be sure you know all the details of the story. Remember, most of them are simply trying their best to be a better person–just like you.

Save money.

Difficult as it seems, having a savings account is important. Even if there’s a huge sale at the mall this month, do your best to practice self-control–you don’t want to end up crying when your credit card bills arrive.

Invest in memories and not material things.
The latest gadget may seem great right now, but you don’t want to remember your 20s for the stuff you just bought, right? If you’re going to splurge, why not travel with your friends or your significant other? Make the most of the time you have with your loved ones instead of investing in things that won't last.

Stop worrying too much.

By the time you reach your 30s, you’ll realize that 80 percent of the things you were worrying about don’t really matter at all.

Learn more about your reproductive health.
It’s important to be in the pink of health. Visit your OB-gyne regularly, consult her about taking contraception, and have yourself checked for any serious health problems.

It’s okay to have a smaller group of friends.
As you grow older and more mature, you'll find yourself preferring the company of friends who have stayed with you through thick and thin than toxic relationships that don't just take a toll on you mentally, but emotionally as well.

Be kind, pleasant, and professional.

Always remember to be nice to everyone, but know your limit as well so that people don’t take advantage of you.

Know when to say yes, and when to say no.
Opportunities will come, and as much as you want to grab all of them, it’s important to choose the ones you’ll really devote your time and effort in. You don’t want to end up pleasing too many people while losing your passion in the process.


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