Some people go through extreme measures for extra money. From selling a brother's prized toys to singing in front of a crowd, here are eight of the craziest stories we’ve heard.

"I asked P10,000 from my mom for an Iloilo trip, but the truth is, I stayed at my friend’s house and spent the money on shopping." – Xanne, 25

"I sold halo-halo while I was in elementary school." –Jilson, 23

"I sold some of my K-pop merchandise. Nagbenta din ako ng mga tote bag na nakuha ko sa mga kung anu-anong promo." –Faye, 23

"I once ate 15 hotdog sandwiches to get 20 pesos from a friend. They dared me, and since I love both food and money, it was a win-win situation for me." –Anne, 21

"When I was little, I sang on stage at my lola's high school homecoming so that she'll give me ang pao/am pao. It's worth nothing that I couldn't (and still can't) carry a tune." –Jen, 28

"I sold all my brother’s Tamiya cars for double the price since they were considered collectors' items at that time. LOL" –Sarah, 27

"I went out with this guy my mom set me up with." –Samantha, 25

"The funniest one is probably…nung grade school ako. Nagbenta ako ng mga gamit na niregalo sa mom ko na hindi naman niya ginagamit and then one day she was shocked na wala na yung mga gamit sa ‘baul’ niya" –Mica, 22

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