There's a big difference between regular shopping and sale shopping. During the latter, traffic jams are more annoying, stores are a bit harder to navigate, and finding the right size is next to impossible. Scroll down below and see if you can relate to any of these crazy #ShoppingProblems.

Blockbuster lines

Whether that’s at the cashier, the parking lot, or in the dressing room, you’ll have to extend your patience (and maybe your sanity) a little further for the sake of 70 percent off-items.

And don't forget traffic jams.
Because daily traffic isn’t enough to piss you off.

A mutiny of bored-to-death boyfriends

Well, maybe not quite a mutiny, but you can bet that the first thing they'll do when they enter a store is find a comfy chair. Because they know you’ll be there for a looong time.

Parking is hell.
Aside from the long line to get a ticket, you have to endure another 30 minutes or more to find a parking space.

Swipe, sign, repeat.

… and then you find yourself crying when the bill comes at the end of the month.

Thieves, thieves everywhere
Thieves have a field day whenever there’s a mega sale, and since you’ll be too caught up choosing between red pumps and nude stilettos, you'll barely notice a hand reaching inside your bag.

Fighting off other people (sometimes, literally) for your size
Or when you see the last pair of size 7s... in someone else’s hands #UglyCrying

PHOTO: Confessions of a Shopaholic/Touchstone Pictures (2009)

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