Most of the time, independent women are frowned upon because of their domineering personalities. They’re often misunderstood and are stereotyped as bitches who can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about strong-willed women:

1. She's know-it-all.
Sometimes, strong women who speak their minds with full confidence and determination can be seen as a smart-ass trying to impress the people around them – that’s a big NO. They’re not trying to overshadow others, they’re simply speaking about what they know is true with complete assurance.

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2. They’re all really bitchy.
Just because a woman knows what she wants and how she can get it doesn't automatically make her a bitch. They’re just passionate enough to go after what they know they deserve, and there’s no stopping them when it comes to reaching their dreams.

3. They're high-maintenance.
Whether it’s about her career or her relationships, no alpha female would settle for “puwede na.” She knows her worth and she has great respect for herself and with the people around her. She treats herself with great value so if you’re planning to date an independent woman, make sure you’re up for a few challenges to win her heart.


4. They’re control freaks.
Alphas are passionate and want to be on top of their game so it’s only normal to go beyond what is asked of them – and sometimes, other people think they’re simply being controlling. Those who are intimidated see them as a bossy person when in reality, they’re just doing the best they can to get the work done.

5. They don’t need anyone.
Although they may appear strong and steadfast, they also need a shoulder to cry on when things get tougher than usual. Some people think that strong women are so reliant on themselves that they don’t need anyone on their side, but hey, they’re just humans, too.

6. They’re cold as ice.
Some women with strong personalities are often seen as distant and cold but they have a heart, too – they just choose their relationships and battles carefully. They may show a tough exterior at first, but they’re just setting proper boundaries with the people around them.


7. They’re self-absorbed.
Independent women feel the need to look out for themselves because they don't expect anyone else to, which sometimes results in getting too caught up in their own troubles. This could mean that they need help, but trust that they'll always find a way.

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