Commuting can be stressful, what with all the lines and the pushing and shovingnot to mention, all those irate fellow commuters trying to beat one another to work. Don’t let yourself drown in the mayhem and make commuting fun. Here are a few suggestions!

1. Put your ears to good use.
You’ve heard of people watching, right? So why not switch it up a little and use your ears to amuse yourself? Don’t be surprised if you hear someone on the train say into her phone, "Hello hun! Nasa bahay lang ako ngayon."

2. Tune in to the UFC channel–MRT style.
All that hustle and bustle is bound to get people agitated. Watch people tire themselves out throwing passive aggressive snide remarks at each other. "Yung iba diyan, nananakit." "Aba eh kung ayaw mo masaktan, mag taxi ka." All while saying this to the air instead of the subject of their annoyance.

3. Back-ride on a trike.
Enjoy the view instead of getting crammed into a tiny side carriage and ride at the back of the tricycle driver. Enjoy whatever little scenery Metro Manila can offer. Keep your bag secure from snatchers though!

4. Practice your sketching skills.
Wile away the travel time by penning cartoon characters and matching them to people on the bus with you, like this commuter does. Just be careful snapping a shot on your Smartphone – go on stealth mode to avoid attracting thieves.

5. Channel you inner writer.
Observe the people around you and try to create a story in your mind about who they are, where they came from, where they’re headed. Next thing you know, you’re already at your stop!

6. Watch some magic.
Some people put on their full makeup on public transpo. And let's admit it. There is something mesmerizing about watching people transform from "just woke up" to "fully made up." These gals have mad skillz getting their game face on in a moving vehicle without poking their eyes out. Next thing you know, you're at your stop!


PHOTO: Pixabay

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