Some people think that low-maintenance girls are easily influenced and have no personality at all, but there's more to them than that! Here are some of the misconceptions some people say about our favorite easy-going women.

They don’t care about their appearance.
You may see them sporting a shirt and a pair of jeans most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about how they look. And while it’s true that most low-maintenance women prefer simplicity, you won’t see them with long, dirty fingernails and buhaghag hair–the important thing is, they’re decent and presentable enough.

They’re bound to say no to weekend hangouts.

Whether it's for lunch or coffee, people are always hesitant to invite them out because they think they’ll get "no"for an answer. Some even think that low-maintenance girls are just too lazy go out, but in reality, they love hanging out with their girl buddies, too!

They’re pushovers.
They may not like making a fuss out of every little thing, but that doesn’t mean that they'll say yes to everything you say either. They have their own principles and they know how to stand for what they believe in.

They have low standards when it comes to dating.

On the contrary, they can be picky, too. When it comes to courtship and dating, they focus on how genuine the connection feels. They are confident and know how they should really be treated by their partners.

They lack excitement in life.
While some love staying in (mostly in their PJs and their hair tied into a messy bun), low-maintenance girls do enjoy going out as well. They know how, when, and who to have fun with. Just because you don’t see them partying and drinking every weekend mean they don't know how to live life to the fullest.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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