11. College was 10 years ago? Whut!

2.When you’re in clubs and your ears hurt because you think the music is too loud. #Thundercats

3. Every time you see noisy teens wearing skimpy clothing, you comment, "Hindi tayo ganyan before."

4. Teen slang makes your blood boil. "WTF is din-din?"
5. You believe the songs from your time are far more superior than what the kids listen to today. "What is this jibberish techno tugtugs sound?"

6. You refer to younger people as kids.

You've sort of figured out how to avoid a hangover. It's a trial-and-error process though.

8. You look forward to Friday nights because you can finally binge-watch and vegetate on your couch. "OMG. I just don't want to move."
9. The parties you attend are always either weddings, christenings, and children’s birthday parties. "Iñigo is turning three this Saturday, may parlor games!"

10. Gone are the days when your Facebook feed was flooded with drunken pics—all you see now are baby pictures of your friends' kids. "Those baby's cheeks are soooo faaaaaaaat."

11. Someone from high school has a pre-teen already. "Wow. Pippa's middle school already? Last time I saw her, she was still in diapers."

12. Weight and waistlines are harder to maintain. "Meh."

13. You've tried going on a juice cleanse because you want to purge the toxins you’ve consumed when you were still in your fearless twenty-something.
14. But you’ll go ahead and eat a burger and a cupcake because hell yeah, you can!

15. The dating pool becomes smaller and smaller.
16. And you’ll probably date someone with a kid at some point.

17. You’ll ask yourself if you’re ready to commit to being a stepparent or you've probably given motherhood serious thought.

18. If you aren't hitched yet, you'll get irked by engagement ring posts, proposal pics, and wedding day albums.
19. You suddenly become religious with sunscreen application and anti-aging skin care. "Is that a wrinkle?!"

20. You’re done with wearing sky-high stilettos—comfort comes first.

21. Your favorite teleseryes from the past have been rebooted. Ian Veneracion is probably the best thing on primetime TV right now.

22. You're less likely to spend impulsively. You know your wants from your needs.

23. You start looking for more quiet places to hang out in. Loud bars just don't cut it for you anymore.

24. Flings are fewer and further between. You're more interested in the long-term.
25. You start dishing out tita advice to anyone who would listen. "Belinda dapat matuto kang magluto. Pano ka magaasawa nyan?"

26. At work, you don't just look out for yourself, but for the younger and newer hires as well.

27. So many doctor visits. When you reach your 30s, you need to undergo several medical exams to see if you're in the pink of health. You also schedule appointments for your kid, your partner, and parents.


28.You can actually save up for a vacation without depending on your parents for funds.
29. You’re paying for your first brand new car, and you named it like it’s your child.

30. You can finally move out of your folks’ house, and live in a real condo, not a rinky-dink studio apartment. Cheers! You're officially an adult!

PHOTO: Instagram @Abi Liicious; GIFS: Giphy

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