Do you always find it difficult to look for elastic bands that are perfect for your fine, thin hair? You are not alone. While some women are blessed with luscious locks, there are also those who struggle to give their hair volume. Scroll down our list and see if you can relate to these #ThinHairProblems.

You can never achieve a *full* ponytail.
…and some people even joke about counting the number of strands you have on your head. Not funny, you guys!

Elastics and scrunchies are thicker than your hair.

Pinterest hair ideas are not your thing.
Accomplishing that high, full bun with flowers on top in time of for your sister’s wedding? Not going to happen.

You stay at the salon for less than an hour.
Since your hair is easy to wash, dry, and trim, you’re every stylist’s favorite customer!

Normal hair loss can cause you major anxiety.
Seeing a few strands of hair on your hairbrush makes you panic. #MatiraMatibay

Bobby pins secretly slide down your hair.
No matter how much hairspray you use, these small accessories always make their way down, down, down.

Hat hair. All day, every day
…unless you blow dry it to give it some oomph and volume. #Hassle

Two words: scalp sunburn.
While those girls with thick hair have their mane to protect their scalp, thin-haired girls struggle with painful heat and flaking.

You love curling your hair.
Volume, volume, and more volume!

You have tons of volumizing shampoo at home
…and you have a box full of empty bottles.

And you’ve probably tried horse shampoo
…because they said it will make your hair thicker.

Hair extensions are your best friend.
Hello, long and "luscious-looking" locks!

A windy day = a bad hair day.
Your hair is just too lightweight to even stay down.

Your shampoo and conditioner bottles can last a loooong time!
That’s because you only need a pea-sized drop of shampoo to create bubbles. You don’t know if you should be happy or sad that you’re saving money on shampoo.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy


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