It's been only a few days since the launch of Pokémon GO, an augmented reality mobile game where you play a trainer tasked to catch all Pokémon scattered throughout the map, and it has undeniably taken the country by storm. Both gaming newbies and those who have already been playing past Pokémon titles on handheld devices have all been trying "to be the very best," and the trend has sparked a lot of funny memes and hugot online. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. When you welcomed Pokémon GO with a "PAK, GANERN!"

2. When it made you decided that now is the time to follow you dreams.

3. That awkward moment when the game mirrors your life...

4. ...As well as real-life issues.

5. (And we mean serious issues.)

6. When bad weather reminded you of what your priorities are.

7. When Pokémon Go got you senti.

8. ...Or made you lose your appetite.

9. When it made you break into song...

10. ...while churning out inexplicably funny Pinoy gaming jokes.

11. That time when the game gave you hugot...

12. ...And it made you question your love life (or the lack of it).

13. Don't worry! The best is yet to come.


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