There's no such thing as a perfect life, but while you can't avoid making those wrong turns—why did you ever think that dating your BFF's ex was a good idea—you can at least learn something from them. Here, 11 situations that prove this to be true.

Falling in love with someone who'll never love you back
After eight years, you're still carrying a torch for the one guy who would never return your feelings. #Tagos. You've waited long enough. If he hasn't seen you for the amazing person that you are, he doesn't deserve you.

Taking someone
back even after he cheated on you
Enough said.

Knowing that something eerie is behind the door, but you check it out ALONE anyway
Noooooo, girl! You’ve seen the movies—you know what happens when you split up.

Letting someone else take all the credit for your work
You don’t have to boast about your achievements, but you can't let other people walk all over you either. We know it can be scary, but it's about time you stand up and assert yourself.

Settling for less even though you know you deserve better
Just because you've been together for so long doesn't mean you have to marry him, you know. Ten years is nothing to an entire lifetime.

Joining your negosyante friend's latest business venture just because you're pals
You're not 100 percent convinced that it's a good investment, but you let yourself get involved anyway. At the end of the day, it's your money, not hers. Learn how to say no, even to your closest of friends.

Watching a horror movie alone at night knowing you won't be able to sleep
…and now, you’re too afraid to even look at the mirror.

You take a moment to decide whether to buy that cute skirt at Forever 21, that cool dress at H&M, and that breton top from Zara, but you end up swiping your card anyway (and crying a month later when the billing statement arrives).

Being the ATM ng bayan
Whether that’s your family, S.O., or friends, you’re the go-to person when they’re strapped for cash and sometimes they don’t even bother to pay you back.

Stalking your ex's new GF's Instagram account
...and accidentally double-tapping on their picture together! P.S. You knew it was going to happen!

Trying to win your ex back
"Eh mahal ko pa siya eh." The sad part? He doesn't.

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