Between the strong-willed ate or kuya and the babied bunso, the middle children pretty much stay in the shadows. Are you a middle child? Then you’ll be able to relate to these:

1. All eyes are off of you.
Your parents already experimented with the firstborn, so by the time you came around, they knew what to do. Then when the youngest was born, they poured all of the attention on him or her. That left you with more room to do your own thing. You could go at your own learning pace without anyone breathing down your neck or without feeling pressured. And even if you didn’t get the attention that the eldest or the youngest got, you were cool with that and grew up liking not having the spotlight on you.

2. Everything is shared.
You got hand-me-downs all the time. The first and the last always received the new stuff and you kind of had to settle for the pre-loved goods. You had to borrow things from the eldest, and share what you had with the youngest. You had to give way to the eldest because, well, you had to respect ate or kuya, but also had to let the youngest get second dibs because, "pagbigyan mo na, mas bata eh." #facepalm.

3. You have more breathing space.

You can get away with more things than your other siblings because your parents' focus was on them all.the.time. Besides, the first and the last born are constantly doing things that make the parentals go crazy, so by the time you got into some hot water of your own, they were pretty much desensitized.

4. You're the designated referee.
You often find yourself sandwiched between fights between the eldest and the youngest. Big sis will rant about little sis being too spoiled, while the youngest will complain that ate is such a bully. Because of this, you’ve learned to be the resident peacemaker of the family.

5. You're an independent woman.
You do your own thing because you pretty much had to figure things out by yourself. With the attention on the oldest and the youngest, you were left to your own devices. Which made you pret-ty strong and independent.

6. You're constantly compared.


Everything you did was compared to how the eldest did it. But that also meant that you got to learn from it and found ways to do it better.

7. There's not much drama.
Your life is pretty much drama-free, because the eldest and the youngest hoarded all the drama in the world. Well, except when you were stuck in the middle of their issues.

8. You believe in fairness.
Justice is so important to you. Perhaps it has something to do with not getting enough attention from your parents, but you almost always root for the underdog. You’re passionate about people getting what is due them.

9. You've become a master negotiator.

In between refereeing siblings and trying to get what you want while keeping everyone happy, you’ve acquired the very useful skill of negotiating. The great thing is, you can use this at work or for other relationships as well.

10. You're realistically balanced.
Because you’ve had to give way so much, you’re also more used to being practical. You’ve had to handle disappointment so many times that you’ve learned to be realistic with expectations.

11. You're a jack of all trades.
For some reason, you’re the go-to person for all things needed. It’s like your parents look to you to get things done and get them done the right way.

PHOTO: Instagram @lo_young; GIFs: Giphy

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