Riding public transportation is not easy. Sometimes, it requires you to do things you’ve never done before (including sprinting like a pro athlete to catch that cab or squeezing into the tiniest spot in the MRT) and allows you to meet a number of personalities (say, that hogger who doesn’t want to share the handrail or that loud seatmate who’s asking “Beh” to pick her up at the next station). Welcome to the wonderful world of commuting in Manila! Scroll down and see if you can relate to any of these commuter woes.


1. You’ve got a regular workout routine. It’s called “the morning chase.”
Whether that’s the bus or the jeep going to Cubao, you’ve experienced running here and there just to catch that PUV calling out for the last passenger. But no matter how much you channel your inner Lydia de Vega or Elma Muros, someone always (always!) gets inside ahead of you!

2. You’re brave enough to go out bare-faced.
As much as you want to put on a little BB cream or blush before heading out the door, you know it’s best to do your complete get-gorgeous routine in the office. The last thing you want to deal with is getting make-up and dirt all mixed up on your face.

3. You wait in line…for two hours!
It’s 6:30 p.m. and you’ve finally found the end of the line. When you board that van, you check your watch again, “8:30 na?!” It’s the commuter’s version of time traveling.

4. You’ve missed your station just because you can’t squeeze out of the train.
You needed to go down at Shaw but ended up getting off the train at Santolan-Annapolis. The struggle is real.

5. You’ve mastered the art of yelling “Manong para… MANONG PARA PO!”
A never ending loop of Flo Rida and Eminem songs (plus Rihanna’s Umbrella remix) drowns out your voice, and you end up shouting at the driver to let you down.

6. You’ve tried all the street food stalls at the UV Express terminal.
You can’t decide whether you’re hungry or just bored. Fishball + shawarma + burgers = goodbye, diet!

7. You’ve had your entire body (or face) pressed on the glass door of the bus.
Embarrassing as it sounds (and looks), you’ve sacrificed your image just to get home at the earliest time possible. And no, waiting for the next bus is not an option!

8. You constantly check your bag if your wallet is still there.
With reports of rampant crimes happening in the Metro, you’ve become suspicious of every person who accidentally hits your back pack or carry-all bag.

9. You’ve engaged so many people in small talk.
A simple question can lead to a very, very long conversation with that mommy of two waiting behind you in line.

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10. You’ve fallen asleep on the shoulder of a complete stranger.
You woke up early and you went home late, so it’s pretty obvious that you lack sleep. The only time you can catch some Z’s? Of course, it’s when you’re on your way to (and from) the office.

PHOTO: Jico Joson, edited by Mike Dee; GIFs: via Giphy

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