2016 may have been cancelled, but it got us woke this 2017! We're seeing that things are turning out to be a little Gucci from now on, fam. We're totally on our way to a v exciting year ahead, so don't be afraid to be extra. Leave the saltiness behind, and low key enjoy every ounce of your W.


Nope, I am not speaking a different language; it's still English. But in this day and age, some words already have a slightly different meaning. Get updated with the latest slang on the street by familiarizing yourself with the following words:

1. Cancel(led)

Definition: verb. It means to reject something because it's no longer trendy or it's become too ratchet.

How to use it:

"Are you going to wear that top?"

"No, that trend is cancelled."


2. Dead

Definition: noun. When one dies after seeing something that slays (or really looks good); can also be used to refer to oneself when he/she is in big trouble or stress.

How to use it:

"I have never seen her in sleek hair! So dead!"

"I have a lot of things to do here. I'll be dead in no time."

3. Extra

Definition: adj. Something that is over the top, excessive, overly dramatic

How to use it:

"Oh my goodness, she actually made a cake for her dog! That's so extra!"


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4. Fam

Definition: noun. Short for family; the new term for squad.

How to use it:

"Fam, aren't we all looking so glam today?!"

5. Gucci

Definition: adj. Associated with the rise of the fashion house Gucci, the said slang pertains to something cool, of high quality or flashy.

How to use it:

"OMG, your car is so Gucci!"

6. Low key

Definition: adj. Refers to something that you do that you don't want everybody else to know. Think of it as your guilty pleasure.

How to use it:

"I am low key obsessing over KUWTK. I even watch the re-runs!"


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7. Salty

Definition: adj. Feeling of irritation or bitterness towards some event that may be happening or have happened in the past

How to use it:

"My, my, someone's still feeling salty just because the last pair wasn't in her size."

8. W (pronounced as /dub/)

Definition: noun. Not to be confused with the small letter w (which means "with"), W means to catch a win. It's the antithesis of L or a loss.

How to use it:

"That deal is such a W! Get it before anyone does! "

9. V

Definition: adj. Abbreviated form of very, mostly used in online conversations.

How to use it:

"Just how excited are you for our GNO tonight?"


10. Woke

Definition: adj. To be enlightened or socially aware; associated to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

How to use it:

"Are you still using that thing?"

"Nah. I got woke, fam."


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