President Benigno Aquino III discussed a number of key issues during his fourth State of the Nation Address on July 22, bringing to the public’s attention several accomplishments in various sectors of the government.

Among his speech’s salient points include the erasure of the education sector’s backlog of textbooks and chairs, the improvement of the country’s agriculture industry, the resurgence of the Philippine economy, and breakthroughs in disaster prevention.

Aquino also emphasized the need for everyone to follow his “tuwid na daan” principle, harshly criticizing a number of bureaus that have become infamous for their corruption.

“For those employees who refuse to turn their backs on the culture of wang-wang: my patience has run out. You were given three years to demonstrate your readiness to change; now, I shall pursue all of you and hold you accountable,” he had said.

The president ended his speech by highlighting the need for everyone’s participation in the transformation of the country’s society.

“Now, my countrymen, let us continue to stand arm-in-arm. Together, let us foster, accelerate, and expand the transformation of society. I am Noynoy Aquino, and I proudly say to the world: I am a Filipino. How wonderful it is to be a Filipino in these times.”

Several celebrities and popular personalities spent their afternoons tuned in to the president’s annual speech, and a number of them have expressed their reactions to the address through their Twitter accounts. Scroll through the gallery below to read some of them.

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