Whether it's about you gaining weight, the way you look, or anything concerning your love life, there will be people who would comment about your eating habits and would give you unsolicited advice.

It may come from a family relative like your nosy titas and titos; a pranka friend, or worse, someone you dislike so much — so instead of staying quiet, here are sassy and funny replies you can throw back at them:

1. “Because food always makes me happy”
Who would have thought pizza and ice cream can make you blush in delight?

2. “I'm just practicing for the holidays!”
Two words: Family reunions. #BuffetGalore

3. “Well that only means my metabolism is still fast!”
…which also means, I could still shed off the weight fast. *Wink*

4. “Bakit, ikaw ba ang gumagastos?”

Ugh. My money, my rules. LOL.

5. “You know what, unlike some people, food will never judge me, it always understands.”
Especially when you’re in a slump, food will always satisfy.

6. “Bakit? Ikaw ba ang tataba?”
…so shush. *eye roll*

7. “Because they always say first love never dies.”
Who can ever resist the temptation?

8. “I’m on a seafood diet kasi.

When I see food, I eat it.

9. “Kasi ang sarap kumain.”

No matter what people say about your eating habits, food is just so hard to resist!

10. I am the boss of me. I do what I want.
End of conversation!

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