Another day, another food trend that has taken over our IG feeds: Sushi bake seems to be everyone's favorite lately, and it's not hard to guess why. After a bit of research, we learned that sushi bake is basically a sushi roll that's not rolled up or wrapped in nori/seaweed. It's made like a casserole and before eating, it's best that you either bake it or torch it (aburi style). You then scoop out some of the sushi bake, place it in a piece of nori/seaweed, and eat. 

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Sounds amazing, right? If you're just as curious as we are on how to get your hands on a tray or two (if you don't want to DIY it!), here's a list of online stores that can deliver delicious trays of sushi bakes to your homes:

The Sushi Bake



Sushi Bake By Tzen


The Kitchen MNL


Bake That Sushi


Sushi Bake PH


Aburi Mama


Sushi Nori


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