Co•Co [koh-koh]
–noun, plural -cos.

1: an abbreviation for Coke Combo, the lip-smacking combination of any kind of food and the refreshingly delicious taste and unique fizz of an ice-cold glass, bottle, and/or can of Coca-Cola that opens moments of happiness to each member of the family any time of the week

2: the mouth-watering and fully satisfying mishmash of food and Coke which is formed by following the formula pattern: occasion/activity + Coke + food (i.e., dinner + Coke + adobo = diCobo)

How’s that for your word of the day? Okay, it might just be one the silliest things you’ve read today, but come on! It’s completely impossible that you don’t have one—a CoCo that is closest to your heart; a CoCo that makes you smile (and burp); that one CoCo that whets your appetite and makes life seem happier and worthwhile. Or maybe you have lots and lots of them!


Nobody can deny that it is just much easier to enjoy any meal at any time of day with a Coke. When we give in to our cravings and relish the delightful flavor of food along with that one-of-a-kind soda taste and fizz that refreshes us like no other drink can, that’s the instant we know we’ve found happiness.

A satisfying meal capped with a pop-fizz-aaahh moment that is just truly irreplaceable—that’s what CoCos are all about.  Here are some familiar ones that might tickle your fancy:

LuCosis (lunch + Coke + sisig)

Ten out of ten sisig lovers just nodded their heads right now. Pork sisig, tuna sisig, sisig in a can, sisig-all-you-can, spicy dishes, and a long list of homemade Pinoy specialties just always go well with an ice-cold Coke. Make that big bottles of chilled soda-fizz perfection!

TraCochi (traveling + Coke + chips)

Whether you’re out in the road for a long drive, speeding up for a quick road trip, simply on your way home from school or work, we all know it’s fun to nibble on some chips and gulp down some Coke while on a trip. And by chips, we mean banana chips, tortilla chips, potato chips, prawn crackers, pork rind cracklings (AKA chicharon), and all sorts of crisps you could name and crunch. Good thing there’s the 500 ML resealable bottle for a spill-free eating spree. 

MeeCowich (meeting + Coke + sandwich)

This isn’t some witches’ magic meal, but it may be just what you need to turn high-pressure meetings into a happiness conference. Okay, that’s exaggeration. But surely the big Coke packs fit for sharing and a fresh box of turkey, ham, bacon, tuna, and chicken sandwiches will make a big difference. It’s a perfect way to show a little TLC in the workplace.

SurCoger (Surfing the Internet + Coke + burger)

We know, the CoCos are sounding crazier and crazier. Yummier too! Before we continue, we want to know: what are you eating right now? Your daily adventures in cyberspace always get a little more pleasurable with a good CoCo, right? Some sure favorites are pizza, tacos, fish balls, fries, and, sometimes, even a super pasta bowl.

MoCopop (Movie watching + Coke + popcorn)

This is one of the classic CoCos. Nothing beats movie-watching at home or in theaters with a tumbler of popcorn in your left hand and a cup of Coke in your right. Of course, there are other combos available at the food counter too, and it won’t be a surprise if you’ve already tried them all!

Still sounds funny to you, eh? Why don’t you sit back, grab a bite to eat and a Coke, and recall all the great reasons why it only makes eating moments more enjoyable and filled with happiness.

While you’re at it, try listing down your own CoCos! Leave a comment telling us about your most creative or adventurous CoCos ever!

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