No, this is not a spooky pre-Halloween story. It’s better!

Every now and then, we all seek for a little bit of excitement in our lives. We hate it when things get a little dragging or worse, become way too rhythmic. We so fear the monotony that we try to spice our days up however way we can. Our food encounters are no exceptions.

Many would probably agree that if there’s one moment that we most look forward to every single day, it is our mealtime. Naturally, we are happy eaters so it’s innate for us to seek all the add-on’s that would make these indulgent eating sprees worth our while. We grab a bowl full of our favorite adobo, bopis, dinuguan and other succulent home-cooked dishes (dashed with extra pepper, patis and whatever taste-enhancing third thing available). We choose the best company to savor every mouthful and laughter with. And of course, we fill our glasses and tummies with an ice-cold, fizzy Coke! We relish every refreshing gulp. And every time its deliciously bubbly goodness gushes through our throat and the one-of-a-kind fireworks of flavors happen, we know it’s heaven. Yes, it’s heaven- absolutely satisfying and full of happiness.

But a “perfect day” can’t happen everyday. Or can it? Why don’t you find out yourself by checking out these foolproof ways to get that rewarding and revitalizing feeling even during the most unlikely food moments spiced up with our one and only favorite, Coca-Cola:

1.    The Food Factor

The Modus:
(Note: You do not need a King Cobra or an Emperor scorpion to do this trick.) Facing the unknown can be nerve-wracking. But how about eating the unknown? Simple yet exciting, a food guessing game with the family and barkadas can bring in so much fun to your ordinary weekends. All you need is a blindfold, a bagful of not-so-usual snacks and other yummy (maybe exotic) nibbles, a glassful of ice-cold Coke to match and a digicam to capture every thrilling bite. Make sure you fill the table with a wholesome bunch of first-time eats, who know you might just find that new, lip-smacking favorite!

the_cook_off.jpg2.    The Cook Off

The Modus: This is actually more applicable to power couples living in the fast lane. It’s a fact, choosing a place to have a rewarding dinner especially after work hours can sometimes be a tedious task. So, why wait in line or sulk at the same diner over and over when you could just stay home and cook up for your partner. Surely, it may not be as gourmet-ish as you probably hope it would be, but there’s just no substitute to that comfy feeling of being pampered and/or pampering our ever dearest. Get creative, plan the perfect night, Google easy-to-prepare yet blockbuster recipes and be that sexy cook anyone would desire to come home to. With a meal prepared with love partnered with your favorite fizzy soda, there’s no doubt your man or woman would fall for you the second time around. Don’t worry if the dish turns too salty, overcooked, too spicy or in one word “disastrous”. You got a Coca-Cola anyway.

3.    The Stranger Winner

The Modus:
Is there a schoolmate or a workmate who you always bump into at the corridor? Instead of just giving the usual nod, why not invite him or her for lunch or some snacks? This may sound tough but you’ll never know until you try. You might be surprised that you both have a lot in common, especially when it comes to some good old wining and dining. A nice chitchat is best pulled-off over a freshly prepared meal matched with a great-tasting beverage like Coke. With a little guts and a wholehearted smile, you might just find a new food trip partner who’s just as bold and eager to explore the gastronomic crusades you’ve always dreamed of.

the_eat_and_runner.jpg4.    The Eat-and-Runner

The Modus: A tight budget is never a reason not to have an enjoyable mealtime.
If you’ll just unleash the Coke-food adventurer in you everyday, you’ll be amazed to see all the mouthwatering choices could be found in almost every corner. Either alone or with friends, a fulfilling munch-time is always within reach. Think yummy fish balls, fried dumplings, barbecue, turon, buy-one-take-one burgers, fries, spicy prawn crackers, shawarma and a long line of big bites that could be enjoyed even with a few bucks. Again, a tight budget is never a reason not to have an enjoyable mealtime. All you need to do is find that sweet happy kainan tambayan and match its tasty food treats with a Coke Sakto, 8oz. or 12 oz. that fit your palate and budget just right!


Got any Coke with food tricks of your own? Share your fun experiences by leaving a comment below.

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