1The Huffington Post reported that Spanish ice cream shop, IceXperience, has made ice cream even more special by creating a flavor that changes its color when licked.

Physicist Manuel Linares of IceXperience's Xameleón, as in the color-changing chameleon, starts out as periwinkle in color and changes into hues of purple and pink as it is being eaten.

Although Linares won't divulge the secret ingredient of his ice cream, he shared a few tidbits on the science behind his frozen concotion in the Spanish gastronomy website, Cocinatis. "Any food will change color if it changes temperature, you encapsulate it or it oxidizes," Linares explains.


He got inspiration from the experimental glow-in-the-dark ice cream from British company Lick Me Delicious, which gets its glowing component from the luminiscent proteins found in jellyfish.

A scoop of the glow-in-the-dark ice cream will cost you a hefty $225 (whoa!), but Linares' Xameleón is that comparable of the cost of artisanal ice cream. We have a mighty feeling that Linares' creation will be a mainstay in Instagram video posts soon!

(Photo courtesy of IceXperience's Facebook Page)

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