01_coke.jpgWe moms always strive to give our families the best of everything. We make sure their needs are attended to. We keep their tummies full and see to it that they stay hale and hearty. We delight in seeing them happy all the time. It’s been said a million times over, but it’s true--their happiness is our happiness.

This is the very reason why we make it a point to make mealtimes as special as possible every single day. But this doesn’t necessarily mean we stress ourselves out by whipping up a nightly banquet. As “experts” in opening up happiness in our dining tables, we know all we need is a lovingly prepared meal--fish, pork, beef, veggies, it doesn’t matter--as long as we serve it up with the family’s favorite refreshing perk-up drink, Coca-Cola.

Having a Coke complement every plateful spells a big difference. Nothing can replace the happy story-sharing moments, the priceless sound of our loved ones’ laughter, and that undeniable feeling of fullness only Coke makes happen. Every family member just seems to enjoy the food more, no matter how ordinary or grand it may be. Every second of togetherness is just worth treasuring and recalling over and over.

Needless to say, the heartwarming kainan happiness with Coca-Cola must happen every day. How do you make mealtime bonding moments truly unforgettable all seven days of the week? Here are daily Coke with food “recipes” you might find handy:


Start the week right. Or better yet, do everything you can to make it full of joie de vivre! A merry Monday is equivalent to a rock-out week ahead. So serve your “power dishes”--your specialties. Nothing beats home-cooked Pinoy favorites like afritada, adobo, bulalo or beef kaldereta with a constant flow of icy-fizzy Coke to keep them in high spirits!


Working moms, listen up! Of course, we should also have tips for those you who might find it a little exhausting to cook and do all the kitchen work after spending eight or more glorious hours at the office. A word of advice: pick up the ultimate family favorites, something really rewarding, like sumptuous Chinese food, a tasty pizza-pasta combo, or a bucket of fried chicken with java rice with salad on the side--the choices are endless! If you do this, the only thing left to do when you get home is bring out that 1.5L or 2L Coke from the fridge, throw some ice into big, big glasses and pour in that refreshing thirst-quencher the whole family loves.


Now, if you've got a little more time on your hands, this is the perfect day to bring out the “iron chefs” resting inside each of your loved ones. Make cooking a fun family activity. Form little teams: team appetizer, team main course, and team dessert! Assign each team a recipe and be surprised at how everyone pitches in to create the perfect feast. Don’t forget team Coca-Cola, of course, or you’re going to miss out a whole lot of good munching’ and burpin’!


This time, let’s talk about that moment of the day most of us find really indulgent--merienda! It’s the time we think of pancit, puto, dinuguan, barbecue, banana cue, or even pastries and other sweets, not to mention a whole list of delectable chow favorites. It’s that point in every day that we crave for an ice-cold Coke the most. Whether it’s our break from house chores, paperwork, or other stuff that keeps us busy, a delightful merienda is a must to give us the energy to cap the day off with a smile.


Who doesn’t love lumpiang shanghai, calamares, breaded pork chop, and a whole bunch of other crispy-yummy fried foods? Who doesn’t love eating these delights with a satisfying serving of Coca-Cola? Hardly anybody. So just to make the much-awaited week-ender much exciting and appetizing, go fried! You’ll be surprised just how these favorite Coke / fried food mashups make their week. And yours too, especially when they all come running to you to give you that thank you embrace and kiss.


If you’re thinking night clubs, dance floors, laser lights, and all that jazz, you’re going overboard. Though it’s fun to hop and bop through the night and be bestowed with “the coolest mom on earth” award, you might want to take the refreshing “fun” elsewhere. Say your favorite restaurant--go Italian, Mexican, Greek, Indian, or remain truly Filipino, the choice is all yours! Just make sure everyone gets a say in where you'll be head to and what you'll be sinking your teeth into. Wherever your tummies take you, there’ll certainly be a can or bottle of chilly Coke there ready to be popped open and to refresh you through your food escapade.


Yes, times haven’t changed much, especially for family-oriented folks like ourselves--Sunday is and should still be family day! And this day must be nothing but stress-free and revitalizing. So invite the whole family for a laidback afternoon made complete by the most luscious supper dishes, such as nilagang baboy, kare-kare with bagoong or pochero; open up the big and bubbly bottles of Coca-Cola; and start the food party. If you have more time to prepare, take them to the backyard for a barbecue soiree or a fun picnic. With the unbeatable Coke-food tandem that never fails to uplift our spirits, opening refreshing moments of happiness is easy. The simplest of get-togethers becomes an ultimate bonding experience that always leads everyone closer to one another and earns a sweet spot in our memories.

What about you, how do you turn everyday mealtimes to happy kainan moments through all seven days of the week with Coca-Cola? Leave a comment and let us know!

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