coke.jpgAnybody asked to name the top three most admirable Filipino traits would never miss out “being naturally cheerful” as part of the list. “Hospitable” more often comes first and “politeness” being the other.

These positive perceptions could very well be attributed to the way we were all brought up. Inside our homes, we were taught to be respectful, to be patient and to share and make do of whatever’s there. As a result, every Pinoy always has a ready smile for anybody and a hand ready to reach out.

No question, we are a nation of happy and optimistic people. No matter what life throws at us, we always find a way to bounce back, rise to the challenge and look at the bright side of things. No amount of struggle could dampen our spirits. We just know, through every obstacle, big or small, we will shine through.
But when are we the happiest? Or better yet, where are we the happiest? The answer: at the dining table or simply where there’s delectably cooked food. Because when there’s something to nibble, surely there’s also the refreshing beverage that is closest to our hearts, Coca-Cola. It’s that secret ingredient that unfailingly puts a twist to the most typical of meals. It’s the one and only delicious and fizzy soda drink that makes food moments doubly enjoyable and filled with happiness.

Just imagine how it perfectly complements our all-time cravings like the sizzling pork sisig and other fried favorites, the scrumptious inihaw na bangus, liempo, and pusit or our grandmothers’ most cherished recipes, like morcon, paksiw or mechado, passed on from one generation of happy eaters to another; or everyday quick chows like chicharon, fish crackers, or even canned goods of all kinds. With its refreshing taste that unleashes the more flavorful side of food, the simplest dishes become extra special and the times we share with one another truly engaging and more worthwhile.

We are a happy country because we are a Coke and food-loving country. We will never compromise on being happy even through the toughest of times. For each of us and every member of the family, only a Coca-Cola will do. With any food, any time of the day, anywhere our taste buds take us, we’ll always choose an ice-cold Coca-Cola to keep us full, to energize our bodies and to fuel our spirits so we can feel the goodness of life.

Are you proud to be a Pinoy happy eater? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.

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