Cities and municipalities may slowly be transitioning into the “new normal,” but that doesn’t mean that you can head out often for your favorite cup of milk tea; and if you want to tipid on deliveries, you can actually make your own spin on this beverage at home.

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Here are a few quick recipes you can try:

Condensed milk + Tea + Black coffee

Pour around one to two tablespoons of condensed milk into a glass. Add ice cubes, then pour in your tea (black tea is a good choice for a more neutral taste). Add a bit of black coffee if you need an additional caffeine kick.

Ice cream + Tea

Simply scoop ice cream (we recommend vanilla or cookies and cream) into a glass, and pour in your tea!

Tea cubes + Milk

Freeze sweet tea in an ice tray and put the cubes in a tall glass, before pouring them over with cold milk. (It’s like kori kohi, but with tea!)

Watch the video below:


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