You could search the world all you want, but if you’re hungry for an eating experience like no other, you don’t have to go very far. We Pinoys are masters in turning what would otherwise be ordinary food moments into yummy food extravaganzas!

Because we expect nothing but a truly satisfying and fulfilling eating experience, we make an effort to fill every food moment with happiness. And the secret ingredient is out: Coca-Cola. It’s the only drink that truly fills the stomach and warms the heart. Every certified Filipino foodie knows this by heart—only an ice-cold Coke can complete our much-cherished eating sprees. Each mouthful of our favorite adobo, chicharon, barbecue, pizza, and other lip-smacking dishes becomes more delightful because of its delicious taste and the uniquely refreshing fizz that has us sighing “aahhh” and turns our regular food fare into a wonderfully happy meal. It makes even the simplest dish or snack more flavorful and our eating time more rewarding.

For generations, Coca-Cola has been that irreplaceable sparkle that keeps us full, energizing our bodies and fueling our spirits so we can feel the goodness of life. And it continues to lead to more and lasting moments of happiness—whether we’re alone or with others. And this is why it is essential that we make every food moment—whether those at lunchtime, snacktime, dinnertime, or breaktime, or even those enjoyed while dashing through our busy routines and schedules—count: we need that refreshing sip of Coca-Cola to fill life with happiness.

We recently sat down with a gang of Pinoy food and Coke lovers for a Happy Eat-and-Drink-Coke-All-You-Can Day to learn about their delightful chowtime stories, made happier and more pleasurable with Coca-Cola. Learn more about what they had to share in the slide show below.

How does Coca-Cola make your everyday kainan with family and friends overflow with happiness? Share your refreshing “secret” by leaving a comment to tell us all about it!

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