Yes, Coke-foodaholic—that’s me, that’s you, that’s every Filipino who satisfy their longing for a truly pleasurable mealtime by matching any food at any moment, anywhere possible with an ice-cold can, bottle or glassful of Coca-Cola.

And we all know why only a Coke will do. It’s the beverage that has been part of our lives through the years, offering us a unique kind of refreshment that’s accessible and worth our pennies; lastingly uplifting our spirits by quenching our thirst and making food taste even yummier all the time and best of all, turning ordinary chowtimes to instant, memorable bonding moments.

No doubt, we are all one in believing that Coca-Cola is that irreplaceable sparkle that fills our stomach, warms our hearts and makes food moments all the more enjoyable and overflowing with happiness. These are the times that never fail to paint a hearty smile on our faces and make our mouths water!

Celebrated columnist and a true blue Coke-foodaholic Leah Puyat, shares a page off her “everyday happiness kainan diary” to remind us the refreshing reasons why we love spicing up every wholesome bite with nothing less than a Coke:

"I come from a very close family, and when someone gets a craving, it has to be fulfilled!  And usually as for most of us, the craving is for something greasy and sinful.  So it's more often than not friend chicken, pizza or big burgers. Sometimes, we're patient and go for delivery.  But if we're all dying of hunger, and it's a truly super intense craving, we'll all pile in the car and head for the nearest drive-through.  Though, we live in Quezon City, so we're near a lot of foodie spots, so sometimes, we'll also do an impromptu dinner out.  Since we're a big family, it can be difficult to get our skeds in sync, so those unplanned and unexpected food trips are even more rewarding.

Leah Puyat with Coke-foodaholic friends Angelette Calero, Ana Katigbak, Maxine Chua and Anton Barretto.

"Actually, it's a way of keeping our dad's memory alive.  He died 18 years ago, but every time our family gets together to eat, we tell stories about my dad because he was the one who inculcated in us the value of family and love of food.  My sisters are all sporty and they push me to try every kind of workout on earth, so it's all good.  They’re the ones who remind me that there’s nothing wrong with indulging to what gives us happiness as long as we lead healthy, active lifestyles. Our craving to delicious food means we are also “hooked” to Coke.  Because pizza, chicken or burgers just have to be eaten with Coke.  In fact, any food becomes more satisfying with it. The bubbly fizz and the inimitable Coke taste just make any food taste even better!

"For me, for mealtimes to become more special and filled with happiness, we just have to forget guilt and savor the taste, smell and feel of food on our tongues. And of course, we must have a drink that goes well with any food and can make it more flavorful and truly gratifying. I know only a Coke can give us the filling and energizing refreshment we need. It really is happiness in a bottle."

Got any tummy-filling confessions to share? It’s time to open happiness and let the whole world know you’re one proud Coke-foodaholic!

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