Everyone needs a break, so if there comes a point where you feel fatigued due to too much work, listen to your body and stay at home. Aside from the fact that breaks can help you fix your priorities, it also gives you the time to recuperate. Trust us, you won’t be productive when you’re not well rested. Take a day off and do these things to help you wind down and get your much deserved R&R.


1. Stay in bed

Roll in it. Indulge in those cool sheets. There’s nothing like sleeping in and finally getting those full hours of zzz’s.

2. Indulge in something good.

Put down your phone, settle in your couch with a cup of hot chocolate, and open that book you’ve promised to finish reading some time ago. You’re on a break – stop answering office email.

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3. Do something creative that you haven’t done in a while.

When was the last time you baked cookies or updated your journal? Give it a go, because while they may take a bit of effort, you’ll feel pretty accomplished afterwards.

4. Treat your skin.

Get that facial mask on, girl. If you don’t have a regular skin care routine, your day off is the best time to get started on what works for you and what doesn’t.

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5. Stare into space.

Did you know that daydreaming is actually good for you?  Aside from helping you process thoughts, it’s also been linked to improved creativity and problem-solving skills.



6. Binge on your favorite TV series.

Just make sure to rest your eyes in between episodes!

TRY: Watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.


7. Spend time with your family.

Strike up a conversation and catch up with everyone. Never be too busy to talk! 

8. Sleep early.

Rest well, wake up energized, and be ready for anything.

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